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Hard Preaching

Independent * Baptist * Separated * Soul-winning * King James Bible Only

Sermons by Steven Anderson:

*NEW* How Forcible are Right Words! *NEW*

Go Big or Go Home!
Hinduism in Light of the Bible
Why We Need Hard Preaching
The Words the Holy Ghost Teaches
Earthly, Sensual, Devilish
A Vision for Soul-winning
Pope Francis and His Lies
Gird Up the Loins of Your Mind
Lessons from Leviticus
Modern Bible Versions Exposed
The New Morality vs. God's Word
Bastard Barry
Lessons from Dearborn
Without God in the World
Martin Luther King, Jr. Exposed
Resist the Devil!
The Spirit, the Water, and the Blood
Once Saved Always Saved
Pastors Being Paid

Sermons by David Berzins:


Their Wine vs Our Wine
Beware of Dogs
Religious Extremism
Abortion is Murder
Does God Care About Our Appearance
Being Offended
Be Ye Separate
The Death Penalty – A Biblical View
The Reality of Hell
Gossiping Busybodies
The Wicked Walk on Every Side

Sermons by David Costantino:

Asleep in Jesus or Awake in Hell
Dangerous Trends in Churches

Sermons by Roger Jimenez:


The Resurrection: No Fear of Death or of Defeat
Church Planting
Search the Scriptures Daily
New Steps for a New Believer
Who is the Agag in Your Life
The Sin of Complaining
Isaiah 56 – Lazy Dog False Prophets
James 3:1-11 – How we should Speak
Isaiah 35: Protecting the Weak from Vaccines
Isaiah 31: Woe to Them that Go Down to Egypt for Help
The Great King Josiah
Logic Must Prove Eternal Security
Why Will God Allow the Great Tribulation

Sermons by Garrett Kirchway:

No Satisfaction

Sermons by Donnie Romero:

I Will Set No Wicked Thing Before Mine Eyes
The Battle is On
Leadership that Destroys a Nation
The Sin of Rioting
Why They Hate the Ten Commandments
The Martyrs of Jesus
Puffed Up
What About James 2
Sinning Through Social Media

Sermons by Manly Perry:

Addicted to the Ministry

Sermons by Glen Schunk:

The Halls of Hell

Sermons by Mark Turner:

You Have Nothing

No Good Report

I Wondered with Great Admiration

Be Instant